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A group of officers, with a strong RANVR content, founded the Naval Officers Club in 1946, initially to retain and encourage comradeship among both serving and retired Royal Australian Navy officers.

The objects of the club remain unchanged – to preserve and stimulate the spirit of comradeship that has been engendered among naval officers by their close association with the Service, and for this purpose to arrange periodical member reunions.


A significant objective of our Vision 2018 to revitalize the NOCA is to have a trusted social media platform which can be used to engage with potential new, younger members.  A Naval Officers Club group has been established on LinkedIn as the preferred social networking medium.   The processes for joining the group and for setting up profiles, communications and privacy have now been tested and the links below explain the process.

In parallel we are establishing the business rules and collaborating with other Ex Service Organisations so that members of other ESOs can join the NOC Group as LinkedIn joining the noc group guide for websiteNetwork Members, thereby expanding the community and, potentially, enlightening a broader demographic on the operations of the NOC.  We intend to use LinkedIn to open up discussions on matters of interest to the Group.  We also expect the Group to open up opportunities for officers transitioning out of Navy as well as providing a network which can support former officers through the stages of their commercial careers and into the retirement phase.

Our Patron


We are honoured to have the Chief of Navy, currently Vice Admiral Tim Barrett, AO, CSC, RAN as our Patron. In accepting this position, Admiral Barrett wrote:

“It is an honour to be the professional head of the Australian Navy, and I take seriously the responsibility this entails to provide and preserve Navy’s rich history. This responsibility, of course, extends to the men and women who have previously or currently are wearing Navy uniform.

“It would give me much pleasure to accept the position as Patron of the Naval Officers Club. It is through the efforts of organisations such as the Naval Officers Club that our customs and traditions remain very much alive and the debate over our future continues. I trust that all members of the Naval Officers Club continue to feel part of the greater Naval family.”

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Updated 10 Nov 16 

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