Club Social Functions

Typical Naval Officers Club functions in the Sydney area range from Members Luncheons at the RACA to informal lunchs at various venues.

Web Albums of recent Sydney social events are in the drop down items on this menu

Meanwhile in the west, the WA Division meets regularly, holding their first luncheon of the year, and at the new venue of the Fremantle Sailing Club, on 12 Jan 2017.

 The Rogues, left to right, are; Roy Stall, Bob Mummery, Dennis Gilmore, Bill Ritchie, Mike Hills, Bob Potts, John Caskey, Barry Sexstone, Jack Suriano and Ian Cook.

All being considered we feel that the venue is much more favourable than our previous one of the Perth RSL Club which is now in the process of being torn down and rebuilt.  The luncheon was the best yet attended and the list of apologies was even longer (all had valid reasons).  Hopefully, this could be a turning point in our activities!!!