The Conditions of Membership of the Club are contained in the Club Constitution and are extracted here for convenience:

(a) Full Membership is open to all persons who hold or have held commissions in the Royal Australian Navy or Naval Reserve or allied navies*, to persons who have already been granted Life Membership, and to persons who have already been granted Full Membership on an annual subscription basis provided payment of the subscription is up-to-date. Applications for Life membership will not be accepted after 1st March 2016. Only Full Members have voting rights and can be elected to the Committee.

(b) Associate Membership, on an annual subscription basis, is open to persons who hold or have held commissions in foreign navies other than those named in sub-para (a) above, subject to the election decision of the Committee. Associate Membership may also be approved for partners of deceased members. Associate Members have the same privileges as Full Members excepting the rights to vote at a General Meeting or to be elected to the Committee.

(c) Honorary Membership may be granted by the Committee. Such members shall have the same rights as Associate Members.

(d) Applications for membership by eligible persons shall be in writing and will normally be approved by the Committee at its next meeting after receipt of the application. The Committee shall have the discretion to reject any application.

* ‘allied navies’ has been defined as ‘other Commonwealth Navies and Navies with whom Australia has current defence alliances’.

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A List of New Members and changes to Member details is published in the Club Quarterly Newsletter.

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